Grassroots Democracy



Door-to-Door Outreach for Candidates:

Canvassing is a critical way of establishing name recognition for candidates, particularly in non-presidential elections. In 2017, our dedicated team traveled to Virginia and spent several days pounding the pavement on behalf of several Virginia House of Delegates Candidates, knocking on more than 70 doors a day!

Further, we were able to obtain our own funding from local volunteers as well as the DNC for canvasser lodging, transportation and food. Thus, all Canvassing was provided at no expense to campaigns or volunteers. Our enthusiastic and experienced volunteers welcome the opportunity to assist campaigns wherever possible in their local, door-to-door efforts. 

Are you a campaign interested in canvassing? Contact us here!

Get Involved with Canvassing:

Eager to have a substantial and personal impact on real voters? Want to get to know the residents of Swing States first hand? Short of running for office yourself, Canvassing is the most intimate way of participating in the political process. By knocking on doors and having conversations with fellow citizens, you’ll get a broader and more realistic picture of voter concerns, fears and hopes outside of your own neighborhood.

And even when you don’t sway someone’s opinion, you open the way for meaningful conversation. Plus, the camaraderie of the Canvassing team is just wonderful! You can join a single canvassing outing or become an organizing member of the team. You can and will make a difference canvassing for candidates door-to-door. Plus, we promise you’ll have a blast doing it!

Are you interested in getting involved with canvassing as a volunteer? Contact us here!