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Water For Grassroots


Supporting Grassroots Community Groups:

Water For Grassroots (W4G) works to support local community groups in critical Swing States. This important work focuses on issues such as GOTV and combatting gerrymandering, concerns that extend far beyond a single election cycle, complementing candidate-focused political work.

In 2017, Water For Grassroots organized three trips from NYC to Philadelphia, joining community groups for a voter registration drive. In 2018, we phone-banked for a Florida referendum that would restore voting rights to 1.6 million people. We are canvassing once a month (or more) with Lancaster Stands Up, a 500-member Pennsylvania grassroots group, to hear voters’ concerns and support the Democratic Congressional candidate in that region.

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Get Involved with Grassroots:

Want variety in your volunteer efforts? Then Water for Grassroots is for you! As a Water for Grassroots volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to truly connect with Swing State communities, getting to know the people and their concerns and advocating for their least advantaged members. Volunteering with Water for Grassroots will give you an opportunity to do a little bit of everything from canvassing to phone-banking and research all while making meaningful, long-lasting connections with new communities.   

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