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Phone Banking

Phone Banking


Phone banking is a tried and true method for getting people out to vote. Most of our candidates want help with phone banking.  

In the first phase, we call to identify supporters, persuade undecided voters, offer lawn signs, or recruit local volunteers. As the election nears, we encourage supporters to cast their vote and remind them of polling locations, times, and voter ID rules.

Phone banks are held on a designated day for a couple of hours in someone’s home. When you sign up, you'll receive the computer links, script, and candidate information. You can call for a couple of hours on a single day or come to as many as you like! If you are new to phone banking, we help with everything from technical issues and messaging to providing moral support. Volunteers share stories and get to know each other. And there are always snacks!

As with all our programs, we coordinate with each campaign to ensure your volunteer hours will have maximal impact. The response rate for phone calls isn’t always high, but the people we do reach and persuade or encourage to vote can influence a larger circle of family and friends. We remove bad numbers and non-supporters from the list so the campaign can focus its Get Out the Vote efforts

ARE YOU Interested in getting involved with phone banking?