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For Candidates and Voter Registration

A charming throwback to less tech-heavy times, postcards have a special warmth that should not be overlooked. An actual physical postcard sent to a voter can make a critical difference in name recognition, voter turnout, and commitment to a candidate. Postcards have a high rate of voter retention and present a uniquely personal opportunity to communicate with voters. We have personally heard from voters moved by our Postcard efforts, expressing excitement over receiving "their" postcard in a special election. Further, a postcard is often retained by a voter as a physical reminder to vote.

In special and off-year elections when turnout is especially low, getting a postcard to every Democrat in an election and reminding them to vote can make a huge difference.

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Get Involved with Postcards Writing: 

Postcard writing is an easy, friendly way to support a candidate. Addresses are provided, as well as instructions and while postcard writing can be done at home, they are most often completed at "Postcard Parties." Groups meet in homes, coffee shops or, as in the case of the “GOBK by Day” initiative, at a coffee shop.

Interested in getting involved as a volunteer with postcards? Contact us here!