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Texting For Campaigns

We are the Peer-to-Peer Texting Experts:

Peer-to-peer texting has become a critical tool for reaching voters, whether it's to inform them about elections, familiarize them with a candidate, answer questions on issues, or to get out the vote. Voters tend to ask questions by text they might not by phone or in person, and volunteers are able to research and respond to voter inquiries in detail.

And we at Red2Blue are peer-to-peer texting gurus.

In November 2017, with the support of Win Virginia PAC and help from Code Blue and Open Progress, we ran the largest texting program in the country, offering texting to every Democratic Virginia House of Delegates candidate who ran opposed. Our 297 volunteers sent 704,449 text messages across the state, and Democrats outperformed all expectations at the polls.

In Alabama in December 2017, working with the Alabama House Minority Leader, the Collective PAC, and Open Progress, 361 of our volunteers texted 288,515 voters in communities of color across Alabama with messages from local community leaders endorsing Doug Jones. On election day, it was these voters who turned out for Jones at a rate of 96%, ensuring his victory.

We have even created the “Relay Texting Academy,” a series of weekly online trainings to enable experienced texters to run campaigns themselves.

Are you a campaign interested in help with texting? Contact us here! 

Get Involved With Peer-to-Peer Texting:

Have a hard time talking on the phone? Have only small windows of time but still want to make a difference? Texting might be for you! No experience or tech savvy necessary—we promise. Once you sign up for a particular texting opportunity we will tell you everything you need to know.

We use a very simple online program right from your computer’s web browser that uses a centralized number – not your cell number. So, even if you have only 30-minutes during your commute, before bed-time, while waiting for take-out, you can make a huge difference by texting for campaigns across the country.

If you would like to become one of our texting volunteers, click here. You can see a demonstration of the Relay texting platform here. After you’ve done it, if you really love texting and want to contribute even more, you can become a “Texting Leader” and help us train new texters, answer questions from texters as they come up, make assignments to volunteers and monitor quality. Sign up here!