Grassroots Democracy


Let's Make It Happen

Over the past decade, systematic gerrymandering  and voter suppression have warped our political system, leaving us with a government that does not reflect our values. But we can change this. Harnessing the passion and skills of volunteers across the country, Red2Blue fights to put Democrats in office who will work on behalf of all of us to protect the dreams this country was built on and ensure equality, justice, and freedom for all. We fight for them, and they'll fight for us.

Red2Blue came out of #GetOrganizedBK, a call to action from NYC Council Member Brad Lander after the 2016 election. Originally based in Brooklyn, Red2Blue has grown to include volunteer members across the country who know that together, we can take our country back.


Red2Blue is one of the most efficient and effective partners I have ever worked with in politics. They provided a high-impact peer-to-peer texting program for every eligible delegate candidate statewide (47 accepted), and designed it specifically to require minimal effort from the campaigns. The comprehensive support they provided to eight candidates was invaluable as well, and I cannot wait to see what they accomplish next.

--Tom Perriello, CEO, Winvirgina PAC, Candidate for Virginia governor 2017, former U.S. Representative from Virginia's District 5

Red2Blue's contribution to my campaign was very helpful. Their thoughtful peer-to-peer texting program couldn't have been easier for us! They helped us think through a number of important decisions -- and took care of the details that we didn't have time for. They also helped our team manage the high volume of work we needed to on social media. If Red2Blue offers you support, take them up on it!

--Kelly Fowler, Virginia House Delegate, District 21